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Player: Zoki
Contact: keyzooazul [a] gmail
Age: 26
Current Characters: N/A


Character: Minako Aino
Age: 18
Canon: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (manga)
Canon Point: Post-Sailor Stars, before Usagi's wedding


Wikimoon | Sailor Moon wiki | Series overview


Meet Minako Aino, a self-described goddess of beauty who is also athletic, lazy, and drama-loving. The first impression most people will get is that she's a happy-go-lucky girl: she always has a smile to spare and she doesn't seem to care too much when her schoolwork comes back with dismal marks. Why worry about spilled beans? (Idioms and vocabulary aren't her strongest suit either). She'll blow off some steam on the court or in an arcade and everything will be fine again.

Minako's all-time favorite hobby is interference in matters of the heart. She's crushed on many of the attractive people who have crossed her path. Her beleaguered feline friend claims the number is in the thousands. It's probably an exaggeration. But she's a passionate girl, often invested in the fortunes of those around her, and if she sees an opportunity to play Cupid she'll do it.

That isn't the only trick she plays, though: as fond as she is of bringing people together, she also enjoys a good joke now and then. She'll needle her friends about their latest misfortunes, push them until they pop...and then she'll be there with a hug and a kind word, hoping that will smooth it all over. She's sure to tease her genius friend Ami over studying too much, or cool and collected Rei over her stuffiness.

Minako thrives on being the center of attention. She loves to show off her flips and dives as captain of the volleyball team, she prides herself on her beauty, and her ultimate dream is to become an idol singer. Whenever she has the opportunity, she throws herself at auditions---and she won't study history or math, but she will know the hottest facts about every idol in town. She loves stars, sings their songs, and models herself after them. It's all part of her dream for a whirlwind, glamorous life.

And she must have the most glamorous life. It's unbecoming, but Minako has a tendency to envy others' superior abilities and successes. She pouts dramatically when beaten in athletics, as an idol, or as a girlfriend, and she'll up her energy to regain any ground lost. She refuses to lose if she can help it, and that competition can heat up dangerously sometimes.

Despite her endless lust for attention, the bonds Minako forms with others tend to remain shallow because there's a secret side to her. She can't give her whole heart to romance or stardom because that heart was already promised to a certain group of others: Usagi, the moon princess she's sworn to protect, and the three other members of the powerful royal guard she leads.

When danger calls, Minako becomes Sailor Venus, the serious and sure leader of Sailor Moon's royal guard. She fights to protect the innocent, leading the Sailor Guardians in their quest to keep their princess safe, and she won't hesitate to take brutal action if it might save the others---while her friends were stunned, she stabbed the evil Queen Beryl without hesitation. She often fails to be the last line of defense, as Sailor Moon is a stronger warrior than any of them alone, but together the group has overcome many challenges. Their love for their planet and each other keeps them going.

Venus is strongly committed to her princess and her soldiers. That duty supersedes all else in her life: she knows in her heart she can't chase her goals with all the passion she feels for them, because she knows her destiny. She's to stand by her friends and usher in a new era of peace. But it's not the saddest of fates: the four other guardians are her best friends and true loves, and she wouldn't have it any other way. Minako knows they'll all be together again someday, but in the meantime: she'll keep encouraging and protecting the people around her. It's her passion and her duty, and hey: a girl can't be serious all the time! Frown lines really age a gorgeous face.


Minako Aino:

Minako's no genius. She's terrible at history and math, and 'ditz' could certainly be an apt word at times. But she's an excellent strategist and athlete when it comes to team sports, often leading her volleyball team to victory. She has excellent reflexes, good flexibility, and peak jumping ability for a human. She's not a trained martial artist, but her years of combat experience have taught her a few good kicks.

Sailor Venus:

When she activates her Venus Crystal (a small crystal inside her which is essentially the soul of her being and of the planet Venus), Minako becomes Sailor Venus. In this form, she gains more-than-human resistance to magical and physical attacks, accelerated healing from injuries, and exaggerated muscle strength such as the mysterious ability to jump up to a second floor landing from ground level. She can definitely keep up with a fast bike if she runs, and if there's a flying enemy she can't drag down, she can hover or fly after it. Somehow. Rule of magic.

She can be outwitted, caught off guard, and killed by those with stronger powers or superior weaponry, but as long as the Venus Crystal persists, she'll reincarnate in about a millenia or so.

As Venus, she also gains a chain weapon, the ability to use light as a weapon, and the ability to combine power with the other Sailors.


The main themes of Sailor Venus's attacks are light and metal. She uses the following abilities with some regularity.

Venus Love-Me Chain:
The chain belt around her waist can be used as a weapon, either to hogtie her enemies or to whip them with the combined forces of light and metal. It can also be used to catch falling comrades.

Venus Wink Chain Sword:
She uses her light to reinforce the chain, wielding it as a sword-like blunt weapon.

Rolling Heart Vibration: She conjures a heart of light, and when fired it makes a rolling charge at the enemy.

Venus Love and Beauty Shock: Her chain gains even more power, lashing out at an even greater radius and multiple enemies at a time.


Combining Power with the Other Sailors:

When in the presence of two or more Sailor Guardians, Venus can add her power to theirs for a combined energy attack. She also has an ability to mentally link herself to other Sailor Guardians, independent of the emotion crystal.

Secret Identity:

A strange magical aura surrounds Sailor Venus, usually preventing others from making the connection that she is Minako, however similar they might look on paper. Her identity will have to be discovered through other means, such as witnessing her transformation or using a magic power.

Alignment: Elios. Sailor Venus is the reincarnation of the goddess of love, and she indeed allows herself to be ruled by love. She feels overflowing love for her friends and princess and she's no stranger to romantic passions. And when the chips are down? She feels hatred for those who cross her line, and she efficiently turns that hate into action.




Thread with Rei on the TDM and toplevel.

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Name: Zoki
Contact: [plurk.com profile] kharamagic or Journal PM
Other Characters: N/A

Character Name: Minako Aino
Age: 17
Species: Human
Canon: Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon
Canon Point: About a year post-canon (manga)
Character Info: Minako @ WikiMoon || ||
She is beauty, she is grace, she'll flip-kick you in the face.

Meet Minako Aino, a sweet and passionate young woman with dreams of someday becoming an idol singer. She throws herself full-force at everything she tries: sporting events, karaoke, video games, and anywhere she can find some fun. She's a whirlwind force among her friends, sometimes prone to diva-like declarations and brattiness when she doesn't get her way, but she's usually cheerful and kind. She encourages her friends with optimistic declarations and always has a smile to spare. You'd be forgiven for thinking she was rather ordinary, as she deliberately gives off that impression.

But as these things often go, there's another side to her. When danger strikes, she becomes the magical guardian of love and beauty, Sailor Venus. She's part of a team of ten magical girls, all with distinct roles. They're organized in two circles: the inner circle, consisting of the princess Sailor Moon and her personal guard, and the outer circle intended to defend the princess's kingdom from afar. Venus is the leader of the inner circle, armed to lead the princess's royal guard.

The leadership role leaves Minako feeling somewhat isolated from her team at times, though she loves them dearly. She battled alone for a year before meeting her teammates, so she has a tendency to act independently. She'll sneak off to profile an enemy or attempt to score a kill before the enemy can harm her princess or her teammates. She's cautious and analytical, usually the first to be wary of a new arrival who could be the enemy, but when her passions are provoked...that caution sometimes goes right out the window.

Sailor Venus is the soldier of love, so love in all its forms is incredibly important to her. Love is the tie that binds her to her princess and dear friends, and she will gladly give her life for them every time. It's love that keeps her from completely giving herself over to duty like the guardians of the outer circle often do---she's too close and too passionate, it would hurt her too much to be cold and calculating all the time. She's also optimistic about the people she meets when she has no reason to fear the enemy's influence, and she'll sometimes try to nudge people together.

But she's not after romance herself. Venus was forced to kill her destined soulmate when they wound up on opposite sides of the war, and in his final act he foretold that she would never have a true romantic relationship. Since then, she's shut down that side of her, and though she might flirt and tease all her focus is on her friends and her duty.

Minako does her best to keep her duty and powers a secret, so what most people will see of her is her surface personality as the all-loving passionate and goofy girl. She does have serious concerns and worries, but that doesn't mean the sunny side is entirely an act---she genuinely loves, and she wants to do her best to spread peace and happiness.

Chosen Powers:
Regain Moderate Power #1: Sailor Venus Light Attacks (Moderate) When her transformation is active, Sailor Venus uses the light of love to attack. This can take the form of a heart twice the size of her fist, a single beam shooting from her fingertips, or hardening the chain belt she wears into a blunt sword-like object useful for attacking.

Regain Moderate Power #2: Disguise Power! Minako possesses a crescent compact that allows her to create and instantly wear any costume she can imagine, also changing the length of her hair if necessary (but not its color). Limitation: the compact needs to be charged by moonlight after every use.

Chosen Equipment: None
Relevant Skills: As an idol in training, Minako is a fairly decent singer. She wonders why she wasn't kidnapped instead of Rei. More seriously, she's been captain of the volleyball team, giving her an edge in jumping and dodging. And with her time as a part-time officer of the law as Sailor V, she has a little experience in preaching good moral skills.

Character Goals: Minako's deepest wish in her heart is to rescue Rei. It's a clear criminal injustice that the pure passion of musical performance is being used for such terrible ends, and to force quiet, unassuming Rei into a role she doesn't want is absolutely vile. She's making it her mission to free all the enslaved musicians if she can, but she has her precious allies to protect as well.

She's not all that fond of leaving Ami and Makoto behind, but she knows they would agree that rescuing Rei is vitally important. She absolutely has to do this, for the sake of music lovers everywhere!

Writing Sample: Right here!
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Minako is seriously cursing her luck right about now. She'd thought just one mission with the police in Transylvania would be all right. They'd caught a suspect, saved the children, and even battled some vampires. She was still a full-blooded human, thankfully, but that last ambush had left her a little worse for the wear. Even as Sailor Venus, her magic couldn't fend off the pain forever.

So in her weakened state, jt's far too easy for that pack of possessed wolves to jump her. She yelps, swinging her good leg and the heaviest branch in the forest with all her might, but those fangs snap angrily. She doesn't have much time to run, but she must, gritting her teeth through the pain. The branches tear at her and slow her down, but she's managed to stop all but three, escaping from the forest into the open meadow.

Now, though...there are three closing in on her. She faces them down, chain whip in hand, but it doesn't comfort her much. Even worse, there's an ominous thump behind her in the grass.

What could that giant shadow be?
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This is a basic post about Minako Aino, the silly schoolgirl who's also Sailor Venus.
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